Great tool for troubleshooting electronics. Fun and easy to use. Also compact system and simple set up. Works great!

Mike Oliver

I absolutely love it! The clarity is better than what I thought it would be! I've seen $3000 cameras beforethat didn't even work this good!


It's way handier and easier to use than traditional handhold tools like a hammer, it's smaller and more convenient, fitting right in my pocket,It's made my job a whole lot easier.


I love it so much.This device is great for seeing thermal leaks in your house. You can see hot components on circuit boards without having to actually touch them.


I purchased the thermal monocular for spotting coyotes. It is so much easier to look through and to use than my Pulsar thermal monocular and when in Ninja mode the light from my iPhone does not illuminate me.


As an HVAC professional, having the right tools is essential. The P2L has quickly become my go-to thermal camera for diagnosing issues and ensuring optimal performance


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Thermal Master, leading in phone thermal camera. We are dedicated to opening a new world of thermal vision for explorers worldwide. Pursuing excellence and innovation, we continuously revolutionize products in thermal imaging cameras, automotive night vision systems, outdoor gear, and more cutting-edge fields. We make phone thermal cameras smaller, clearer, and smarter, leading and advancing the global consumer-level thermal imaging market, constantly pushing the boundaries of human perception. Our products are now sold in 118 countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

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