After-sales Service

In order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of customers and enable customers to better use and maintain the products, ThermalMaster will make a standard warranty service commitment for the products under warranty.


Under normal use and maintenance conditions, the product performance failure due to material, process or manufacturing problems, during the warranty period, we will promise to provide warranty service.

Warranty period

Starting date of warranty period:

a) For products purchased through an ThermalMaster certified distributor or dealer, the warranty period shall start from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice;

b) In the absence of a valid purchase invoice, the warranty period shall be calculated on the date of delivery of the product from ThermalMaster manufacturing.




Time Limit


Main body

2 Year

Special note: the above is the standard warranty period of the ThermalMaster product, and the details shall be subject to the purchase and sales contract.

The following conditions do not belong to the scope of free warranty

a) Any modification, disassembly or repair not authorized by ThermalMaster.

c) Failure or damage caused by personal reasons to use, maintain or keep the product according to the instructions.

d) Damage caused by transportation and loading and unloading during repair.

e) Product damage caused by accident or human action. Such as: such as liquid, fall damage, input inappropriate voltage, etc.

f) Damage caused by impact, fire, lightning strike, flooding, human negligence, natural disaster or force majeure.