Car Night Vision System

300m! Living Detection Collision Expert

Automotive AI Night Vision Master

Darkness, rain, fog, and high beams have always been hazards to safe driving. The Automotive AI Night Vision Master, with its high-sensitivity core and "Razor X" ultra-clear image algorithm, penetrates the night / fog, detecting cyclists, deer up to 300 meters away, issuing sound / image warnings in just 0.1 seconds. In some regions, it’s affectionately known as the “deer collision prevention miracle.”

AI {Det} Life Collision Warning

The AI{Det} neural network deep learning algorithm rapidly identifies pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, cars, and animals. Utilizing “Insight+” to intelligently eliminate false targets, it accurately identifies and highlights real targets, making safety warning distance judgments based on vehicle speed. AI{Det} automatically adapts to national highways, expressways, and rural roads, delivering the clearest images in every scenario.

Shutterless Technology, Zero Lag

Thermal imaging often requires frequent shutter clicks for image correction, causing screen freeze and delay. The Automotive AI Night Vision Master pioneers Shutterless technology, ensuring completely lag-free, zero-delay performance, delivering clear, smooth images without missing a second of potential driving hazards.

All-Time, All-Weather, Master of Day and Night

The Automotive AI Night Vision Master is designed to handle all environments, with an IP69K rating protecting it against 80°C high-pressure water jets and ensuring 100% dustproof capability. In -20°C freezing temperatures, it features automatic snow and frost removal. It connects directly to screens and wirelessly to your phone, letting you share your infrared journey with friends anytime, anywhere.


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